Your guide to the best free and affordable cyber security solutions.

Top 20 Protections Risk Cover Hours Cost Link
1. Create an Asset inventory 17% HIGH FREE    
The first step is to compile an inventory of devices to review and protect. This will ensure no device is overlooked and high risk data can be protected.
Use an asset tracking spreadsheet 1+ FREE
Install Qualys Cloud Asset Management Home Edition 3+ FREE
Install Tenable Nessus Home Edition 4+ FREE
Spiceworks Inventory 4+ FREE
Manage Engine Asset Explorer 4+ FREE
Splunk for Asset Discovery 4+ FREE
2. Patch known Vulnlerabilites 17% MED LOW  
These tools automatically scan for vulnerabilities to remediate and minimize the window of opportunity for attackers.
Patch Opperating Systems LOW FREE
Turn on automatic updates in Windows 1 FREE
Turn on automatic updates in MacOS 1 FREE
Patch Software MED FREE
Install Qualys Cloud Asset Management Home Edition 3+ FREE
Install Tenable Nessus Home Edition 5+ FREE
Install GCE Vulnerability Scanner Community Edition 3+ FREE
Rapid7 Nexpose Scanner Community Edition 3+ FREE
3. Manage your Accounts 17% LOW LOW  
Strong passwords and seperate administrative privileges on computers, networks, and applications.
Use Strong Unique Passwords LOW FREE
1Password password manager 1 FREE
LastPass password manager 1 FREE
Bitwarden password manager 1 FREE
Dashlane password manager 1 FREE
Keeper password manager 1 FREE
Keepass password manager 1 FREE
Norton LifeLock password manager 1 FREE
Check for Password Reuse LOW FREE
Have I been Pwned 1 FREE
Dehashed data breach search 1 FREE
Secure Privileged Access accounts MED FREE
Thycotic Secret Server Free 3+ FREE
HashiCorp Vault 3+ FREE
Forgerock OpenAM 20+ FREE
Enable two factor authentication - List of instructions for many sites 1+ FREE
Secure Domain Name and Email Accounts with SPF, SKIM and DMARC 3+ FREE
4. Secure System Configurations 17% MED LOW  
Establish the security configuration of mobile devices, laptops, servers, and workstations to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerable services and settings.
CIS Hardening Benchmarks 3+ FREE
Windows Security Compliance Toolkit 3+ FREE
5. Monitor System Event Logs 17% MED LOW  
Collect and analyze audit logs of events that could help detect, understand, or recover from an attack.
Deploy a Security Event Information Manager (SIEM) HIGH HIGH
Elastic Stack ELK SIEM 10+ FREE
Alienvault OSSIM SIEM 10+ FREE
Splunk FREE 10+ FREE
IBM QRadar Community Edition 10+ FREE
Greylog Open Source 10+ FREE
Logrythm Netmon Freemium 10+ FREE
Security Onion SIEM 10+ FREE
Splunk Phantom SOAR 20+ FREE
Deploy Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) HIGH HIGH
Snort IDS 10+ FREE
Zeek IDS 10+ FREE
Suricata IDS 10+ FREE
Canary Tokens Honeypot Alerts 2+ FREE
Windows Sysmon Event Collection 1 FREE
Threat Intelligence MED MED
Virus Total - Malware and URL scanning service 1 FREE
Threatcrowd - Open Threat Exchange 1 FREE
Risk IQ Community Edition 1 FREE
Censys - See your Attack Surface 1 FREE
Shodan - Search engine for IOT 1 FREE
IBM X-Force Exchange 1 FREE
Anomali Community Threat Feeds 1 FREE
Hybrid-Analysis Threat Scanner 1 FREE
Uncoder Threat Query Translations 1 FREE
VulnDB Vulnerability Database 1 FREE
6. Secure Desktop Applications 5% LOW LOW  
Minimize the attack surface and the opportunities for attackers to manipulate human behavior through their interaction with web browsers and email systems.
UBlock Origin ad blocker 1 FREE
Qualys browser vulnerability scanner 1 FREE
Phish Tank - Check Phishing Emails 1 FREE
Phishing Box - Phishing IQ Test Training 1+ FREE
Office LOW LOW
CIS Office Application Hardening 1 FREE
Mobile MED LOW
Mobile Device Management MED LOW
Manage Engine MDM Free 10+ FREE
Cisco Meraki MDM Free License 10+ FREE
Mobile Threat Protection LOW LOW
Lookout Mobile Security 1 FREE
Malwarebytes for Mobile 1 FREE
Sophos Mobile Security for Android 1 FREE
Quad 9 Connect Threat Protected DNS for Android 1 FREE
CloudFlare Mobile VPN 1 FREE
Mobile Firewalls LOW LOW
Glasswire Android Firewall 1 FREE
Noroot Android Firewall 1 FREE
Netguard Android Firewall 1 FREE
7. Enable Malware Protections 7% MED MED  
Control the execution of malicious code at multiple points in the enterprise and automate corrective action.
Install a Malware and Virus Scanner LOW LOW
Bitdefender 1 FREE
Sophos Home 1 FREE
Avira Home 1 FREE
Norton Internet Security 1 PAID
Kapersky Internet Security 1 FREE
AVG Internet Security 1 FREE
Avast Antivirus 1 FREE
Zone Alarm Antivirus 1 FREE
Windows Defender Antivirus 1 FREE
Malwarebytes Anti Malware 1 FREE
Panda Security Free Antivirus 1 FREE
Use a Sandbox Virtual Machine MED LOW
VMware Workstation Player 2 FREE
Windows 10 Sandbox 2 FREE
Windows Hyper-v Server 2 FREE
VirtualBox 2 FREE
Tails Incognitio VM 2 FREE
8. Enable Network Protections 7% HIGH HIGH  
Detect/prevent/correct the flow of information transferring networks of different trust levels with a focus on security-damaging data.
Firewall LOW MED
Enable windows firewall 1 FREE
Little Snitch MacOS firewall 1 FREE
Glasswire firewall 1 FREE
Zone Alarm Firewall 1 FREE
Ubitquity Firewall and Security Gateway 3+ PAID
Sophos XG Threat Management firewall and IDS 3+ FREE
Pfsense Firewall 5+ FREE
Smoothwall Firewall 5+ FREE
Lulu MacOS Firewall 1+ FREE
Network Proxy MED MED
Squid Proxy 3+ FREE
Network Segmentation MED MED
Ubitquity Firewall and Security Gateway 3+ PAID
Sophos XG Threat Management firewall and IDS 3+ PAID
Threat Filtered DNS LOW LOW
Quad 9 DNS 1 FREE
Yandex DNS 1 FREE
Strong Arm DNS 1 PAID
Comodo Dome Shield 1 FREE
Detect Unsecure Ports LOW MED
Qualys Online Scanner for open ports 1 FREE
NMAP Network Scanner 2 FREE
Spiceworks Port Scanner 4+ FREE
Encrypt Traffic with a VPN LOW LOW
Strongswan VPN 3+ FREE
Proton VPN 1 FREE
Avira Phantom VPN 1 FREE
Tunnel Bear Free VPN 1 FREE
9. Data Protection and Recovery 5% HIGH MED  
Back up critical information with a proven methodology for timely recovery of it.
Data Encryption LOW LOW
Turn on device encryption in Windows 1 FREE
Turn on device encryption in MacOS 1 FREE
File Encryption Software AES Crypt 1 FREE
File Encryption with USB Safeguard 1 FREE
Veracrypt device encryption 2 FREE
Box Cryptor File Encryption 2 FREE
Tresorit File Sending Encryption 2 FREE
Offsite Backup LOW MED
Google Drive File Sync Backup 2 FREE
Dropbox File Backup 2 FREE
Onedrive File Backup 2 FREE
Apple iCloud 5Gb Free 2 FREE
Secure Data Wipe Software LOW LOW
Dariks Boot and Nuke Secure Harddrive Eraser 1 FREE
CBL Data Shredder 1 FREE
Eraser 1 FREE